But why IVF? Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. See my blog post about what having PCOS has meant for me here.

Emelia-Michelle was conceived using one of today’s greatest modern day medicine and science advances. Emelia-Michelle was created in a tiny little petri dish, under the careful watch of an embryologist. She then sat frozen for 2 years, before eventually being transferred into my womb ready to grow in April 2017

. She was actually embryo #5 and followed two failed transfers, as well as two miscarriages. She defied her own odds, and is my little rainbow miracle baby. 💕 IVF was the absolute hardest, most emotional, most grueling journey to have a baby – infertility is not for the faint hearted. But at the same time; how lucky am I to live in a world where science and magic happens together. To give people like myself; the opportunity to become a parent.

With one frozen little embaby left; it seemed only fitting to have it transferred back home and just see what happens. Evie-Paul was transferred back home February 2021 after being frozen for over 5 years.

I’m so excited for this to begin – but so unbelievably scared and nervous at the same time. I’m so excited, my one wish may finally be coming true – but so scared. I don’t want to get so excited and get all my hopes up – only to have it not happen. Right now – I’m on the fence. Holding onto hope and baby dust; but also being somewhat realistic. It ‘may’ still not work for me. So many emotions, thoughts, feelings – and ahh; I really just don’t know how to process them all! This is normal… right??

IVF Diaries September 25 2015


Yepp – you got it! Everything leads to today being cycle day one! So I have discontinued Provera now; will continue taking Folic Acid of course as I have been – and tomorrow will begin the Puregon injections! I am SO excited, to actually be finally starting – but am incredibly nervous as well. I don’t know what to expect, how it will go, if it will work, how I’ll react or anything. Really – it’s all just a big unknown! Such a big adventure has begun today; and I really don’t quite know how or what to feel. I didn’t expect this day to actually feel like such a milestone!

Cycle Day One January 12 2016