33 Weeks 6 Days ðŸ’•ðŸ’•

It’s been a crazy few weeks; well – months actually. Life’s been very up and down and frankly – we’ve just been plodding along day to day. Baby is growing well; and doing everything she should be at this stage. But it hasn’t been easy.

My Dad met the end of his cancer battle; exactly a month ago now. So we’ve had a lot of grief in our family, Emelia-Michelle has been dealing with a lot of new emotions and feelings, and the idea that my Dad won’t meet this little baby – just kills me on the inside. I know he will be watching over us all; protecting both of his grand daughters. But the idea that he won’t be there to hold and cuddle her; is hard.

As for the pregnancy; that hasn’t been smooth sailing recently either. I’ve very much pushed the cleft diagnoses to the side; almost ignoring it – but I’ve had a lot of bleeding, and random leaks, and pains going on. So I’ve had some extra scans to check this baby girl is doing ok – which she is; and a few extra chats with my midwife etc. Of course because of Covid19 and the current pandemic we’re in getting in and out of the hospital is a nightmare so I haven’t gone in for monitoring. But we do know baby is happy for now – and growing well. So those are the main things. At this stage anyway. Of course; things can change rapidly. But hopefully they won’t. Still waiting on the hospital specialists to contact me about her cleft; and what that will mean when she’s born and after her delivery – but again; with Covid – that will be delayed and may not happen. I’ve been trying to order special cleft teats for some glass bottles I’ve bought, her bed sheets have been made and her bed has been made, the bags are ‘somewhat’ packed – roughly anyway. And she’s officially head down and so far appears to be staying that way! So touch wood we get a bit of smooth sailing for these last few weeks; and this wee baby girl will be in my arms safely and soon enough.

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