Due Date.

Happy due date little angel πŸ‘Ό

You would be turning two today, if you had been born on your due date. If you weren’t, I wonder what would have been your birthday. I wonder what theme we would have picked. I wonder what presents you would have received.

Happy potential birthday my snowbean ❄️

Dear Baby. You’re nearly one.

A letter to you my baby girl, as you approach your first birthday. Today it’s the 3rd January. 12 months ago I was nearing 37 weeks pregnant and was incredibly eager to meet you. Baby girl, back then – I had no idea what time would bring. What kind of baby you’d be, or even what kind of mum I’d be. We were both preparing to experience this mother and daughter gig together for the first time. Both of us, total newbies. Continue reading

Our First Christmas!

I say “our” – because while I’ve had many Christmasses before, this is my first one with Emelia-Michelle… My first as a Mother, And the best one to date. After years and years of wrapping presents for everyone else’s kids, and putting from “Aunty” on them, or watching everyone else hang Santa stockings for their babies, while I sit on the sidelines. Christmas “as an infertile” is dammed hard if I’m honest, it’s a real killer to mental health. So for me – celebrating this Christmas as a Mother, felt like a true miracle. Writing “To Emelia-Michelle; From Mama.” was the weirdest thing ever, yet so so special at the same time. Taking my baby to see Santa, and hanging her stocking, doing all the little things with her. She doesn’t care, she doesn’t know – but this was my first Christmas being able to make and share memories. So I did my best. Continue reading

Raising Baby; Christmas, and consumerism.

What is consumerism?Β  “ConsumerismΒ is a social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

Basically. What we buy, they produce. The more they produce, the more we buy. The more we buy, the more we spend. But with global finances currently, the production costs vs earning wages don’t equate well. We can’t afford to buy, what is produced. Credit cards, overdrafts, loans, hire purchases, and various other finance options are relied on more than ever. So we end up giving the banks portions of our money. To give in too this vicious cycle, of consumerism… Continue reading