The rainbow after your storm.

“The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow” 🌈🌈
Been a funny week today, since the very start.Β  Just one of those days, where strange things keep happening. Home was strange, work was strange. I’m tired, Em’s tired, life has just been crazy over the last few weeks.

Double rainbows always stand out to me, they remind me of the crazy journeys I’ve been on, and where I’m at now. As left work for the weekend, I see this beautiful double rainbow shining down on me. I know they’re telling me to take a breather, take care of my mental health.
So now we are headed away for a long weekend booked the other week, and taking Em to go see all her family down in Palmy. Which is the first time since Christmas, and I know they’ll flip. She’s changed so much. She’s a walking, talking little person now. No longer a crawling little caterpillar.

But I need the trip too, I need the take ten too. So I am looking forward to our though very short, wee break.

Raising Baby: Why I co sleep.

Time is limited, time has an end. Time does not stick around forever, and it goes by bloody fast.

When I became a mother, everyone told me enjoy every little stage. It goes by too fast, you blink and they grow. And I was always in two minds. I hated the newborn stage, well I hated Emelias newborn stage. She did so much screaming, and so little sleep. I spend our night’s in and out if hospital with her sick. How could I enjoy this? In fact I didn’t. I hated it. We didn’t bond, and PP anxiety roared. But it’s so true. That was just a stage, that did not last forever. She did change and grow. I did blink and suddenly have a week old, then a month old, then a 6 month old, then a 1 year old. Now I have nearly a 16 month old. It has not been easy, nor always enjoyed. But it has been fast. Continue reading

Mother’s Day 2019.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, which will mean facebook will blow up with Happy Mother’s Day messages all round. But unfortunately while I am blessed to call myself a Mother ‘now’ it doesn’t mean there weren’t years of heartache and heartbreak before hand and Mother’s Day was often once a day I dreaded. Mother’s Day isn’t always a happy or easy day for all, for various reasons so for those of you – who likely won’t visit facebook tomorrow, or who will wake up and shed a tear for what should be – but isn’t; we send our love to you. We send our love and hugs to help you get through tomorrow.