22 WEEKS 6 DAYS💕💕My wee cleft babe.

Blogging these days is so hard; I’m always in 2 minds – I want to record what’s going on; and where I’m at – things I’m feeling and general goings on. But every time I sit down to actually blog; I mind blank. The last month of pregnancy has been hard. In several ways.

I found out little baby has a cleft lip, and palate – and a possible hole in her wee heart.

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19 WEEKS💕💕

Life has been so busy. Time has flown from the starts of pregnancy; up until now. 19 weeks, 2 days. Only about 20 weeks and 5 days left to go until we meet this little baby. Overall pregnancy so far hasn’t been too bad; Other than the intense nausea and vomitting – I haven’t really had too many eventful issues. Few dizzy spells here and there, some ligament pains, the hematoma issues. But touch wood we’re on the home straight!

I had my scan at bang on 19 weeks. Discovered little bambino is another wee girl! Emelia-Michelle is so excited for a sister. And wants to call her either “Annie” or “Popoyo” (3 year olds.. don’t ask!) Scan was so good to see her after so long. She’s measuring a day behind; but all within normal values which is great! My wee Emmy always measured ahead, so will be interesting what this wee girls size does. Suddenly feels real now – being able to call her a she, not just an it!

Placenta is another frontal placenta. I’ve had no kickies so I assumed it was frontal – Like I had last time. And my assumption was right. I was so hoping to have those little kickies – but I’m sure they’ll come. Just not on the front of my tummy!

I’ve bought a few wee things that need topping up – but really I just can’t focus on what I need to get! I keep getting sucked in by the cute tiny clothes; that I really don’t need. I do need to find all the bolts from Emelia’s bassinet; and decide if I want to use that – or buy a moses basket. Or both. Decisions decisions! I’d love to buy a co-sleeper this time round!


First trimester = DONE. And how quick was that. My mind is blown. I definitely feel like I haven’t really ‘enjoyed’ this pregnancy probably as much as Emelia-Michelle’s but also; I haven’t stressed anywhere near as much. Baby is now the size of a kiwifruit! But feels so much bigger, It’ll be interesting to see how I feel towards the end! I keep meaning to book in to see the chiropractor; but my memory is a goldfish and my tiredness takes over. I got to see my sweet little bean again – and now he/she actually resembles a little person! Not long at all now; until I know whether it is a he or a she! Such a weird thought. I’ve told all out family and friends, and workmates now – so slowly; and hopefully it’ll filter through. Still need to do a fb announcement though – for the wider fam. My vomiting has started to ease now; though the nausea and lack of hunger is still very much there. Grateful to not be sick so often though! Little bean is happy, healthy and nice and content hiding out in his/her temporary home!

I told my sweet Emelia-Michelle; and she is SO happy. It makes my heart warm seeing her so excited to become a big sister. She keeps feeling my tummy, trying to feel the baby kick. Of course she hasn’t yet, but one day she will!

11 weeks 5 days💕💕

Midwife day! This all feels so real now. It is such a surreal feeling.. I am starting to show quite significantly now, I need to tell people soon before they all guess. It’s hard not to buy everything under the sun, I have so much still from Emelia. But the excitement is there!

Symptoms have not been fun. In fact, they’ve been quite the struggle –

We found the heartbeat today on the doppler! We didnt know if we would, but we did – and so exciting hearing its little heart racing away.

8 weeks 5 day ðŸ’•ðŸ’•

Scan day! To check on this little bean and measure how the hematoma is looking. Symptom wise, I’ve felt almost everything this time.. the nausea is so bad! Sore boobs, constipation, fatigue. I’ve got it all!

The good news is, the scan revealed all is going well! Baby is measuring exactly what he/she needs to be, and everyone is happy! The hematoma has grown, but it hasnt shifted nor does it measure dangerously. So they arent worried.

So here we are, 8 weeks and 5 days! Next scan booked for exactly a month out now! Exciting.


Pregnancy symptoms are real!

Nausea – constant vomitting or feeling like I need too. Constipation, bloating, tiredness – the works! On the positive flip; my nails are really long and strong!

I have a scan in a few days; and I’m really looking forward to checking in on little bean. Little bean has popped out a lot earlier than his/her big sister. I didn’t show until I was about 12 weeks – this time I definitely have a bump already. I think I’ll be huge this time! I won’t be able to hide it at work for much longer. I had put on a few kilos with the hormone pills and constant hunger; but I’ve lost it back again. Currently sitting at about 53kilos.

Not a whole lot going on – it’s just day by day!


Another sneaky wee peak at little embaby! This time I got to see the heartbeat flicker. Always a special moment! Wish I had videoed it. Measurements are good – 2 days behind; but they aren’t worried. This embaby did implant a bit later too; given the symptoms/bleeding/tests taken. So touch wood; I have no issues yet to worry about.

The hematoma is still there, this time it’s longer and flatter than previous. I’ll go see the little bean in another week or two, and see how things are going.

Watch this space. Being pregnant again, and making it past my danger zone is weird. Sooo weird. But also so exciting.


5 weeks, 6 days.

After a small bleed – I went in for an extra sneaky wee ultrasound to see where things are at. With Easter looming, better to be safe than sorry. We know these early pregnancy and infertility nerves are real! Too early to see anything overly baby related – but the gest and yolk sac measured perfect at only 1 day behind the dates.

They did notice a blood pool just below the gest sac, a “subchorionic hematoma” – in comparison to the sac, it seems quite big. But at this stage nothing I can do, other than look after myself really.


Technically 5 weeks and 2 days today. Such a weird thought!! I’m actually PREGNANT. Not that I feel it at the moment; it’s the weirdest thing ever. This one feels so different to my previous pregnancies; I feel like I wanna shout from the roof tops that Emelia-Michelle will be a big sister, and I’ll have another baby. Yes it’s weird, coz my numbers were so low on day 9 – and my fertility nurses have been so apprehensive. I’ve been talking with my midwife; and instead of doing another blood test – I’ll just have a 6 week and an 8 week scan. Which suits me fine. Technically I could (date dependant) be seeing this baby next week, I’m looking forward to seeing its little heart beating along.

I really really want to tell my Dad; but he’s going through a really rough stage again with his liver cancer. It’s spread into his spine – and he’s gone through some radiation which has left him feeling really crumby.

I feel sad not telling him; but I also know it’s just not the right time.

Life’s also a bit crazy in my Mum’s life; and I really want to tell her too – but again; finding the right time is hard.

My due date is the 25th November! I was due on the 25th January with Emelia; and both pregnancies transfer date was the 9th. So I’m hoping these are all good signs! I have already had a baby boy dream, and several people have randomly approached me and suggested they see a boy in my life soon. So many spooks! So I feel like this babe may well be a little boy blue!

As for symptoms so far: Lots of uterus cramps, which sort of freak me out – but they come and go. No spotting or bleeding; so hopefully I’m ok! I have a horrendous cough, the same I had with Emelia-Michelle’s pregnancy; so I’m guessing that’s a thing! And then the hangover feeling – where I’m no super nauseous, but wouldn’t say I was “comfortable” either!

Till next time xx



I have been so slack at getting on here – the last two blood tests; I’m like shoot I must update my bloggy with where things are at! Then I just don’t. Things with a toddler are a lot different than my previous cycles!

Anyway; I had a blood test on CD 36, 13dpt, 48 hours after my previous test and my results were 550!! I was expecting about 350 ish, so was stoked to reach 550!! Then I decided to wait 96 hours; and expected a 2000 odd. But it was up and into the 4000’s! Not sure of the exact number though!

Anyway; so far so good!! I feel so excited!